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Without a doubt, Angela is a HoT piece of college ass and I'm happy she's a part of my site! We met in line at the movies and I told her I was looking for models... "Would you be interested?" She called me a few days later and I set up the shoot! She's just 20, 5'7 and she's got beautiful, natural 36d tits! We had alot of fun and I know you guys will her pics and vid's. Have fun with her pics and many videos!! I'll add more soon! Grab a towel:)
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I was hanging out with my best friends lil sister and I met Amanda at a local store. I didn't have any "biz cards" on me and I ran out to my truck and grabbed a few. I told her I was in the modeling biz and that I'm looking for new talent... "Would you be interested?". Like most teenagers, she said; "I'll call you...". It turns out she needed rent money and she called me later that night. During our talk, I found out she just turned 18 3 mths ago and she just graduated HS. She's also just 5'0, 100 and a 34b. She's got such beautiful puffy teenage tits and a tight lil ass... I had to j/o when I got home:) Young girls don't realize the power they have over men or maybe they do... I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyway, that's enough of me whinning... I've got lots of pics and video of this tight lil teenager. See ya inside!
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It was interesting how I met Katie and I'm happy she finally decided to pose. A few weeks ago, I placed an ad and I asked her; "Are you open?" ... she said "kinda". Within 1hr, I was at her house, eager to see her nude! She brought her boyfriend, which I didn't like... but it turned out to be good:) She sucks and sucks his dick till he blows his load all over her.. What a girl! Anyway, she turned 18 and she's 5'6, 115 and a perky 34c! Have fun!! Join now for more Katie

It wasn't easy getting Jessica nude but it sure was fun! She just turned 18, and she's 5'4, 100, 34b (looks like a 34c)... she even showed me a few bras and said; "I am a Not only is she "supercute", she still has braces, which she'll get off in the next few months. Anyway, we went to a local park, then back to her house. It took me a while to get her topless in the park and she said she'll maybe do more at home. Once we got there, I persuaded her to show me her firm teenage body and everything else...I've got over 80pics and vid's! While working on her images, I ended up j/o three times... you'll definetly need a MEGA towel! Have fun! Join now for more Jessica

Can you believe I got Erin from a local college ad??? When we first met, I was immediately attracted to her and I couldn't wait to lift up her short black skirt! We did a night-time photoshoot at a local park and her pics came out AMAZING! She's just 19, 5'6, 125, 34c and she's in a national sorority... yep, my very first Sorority girl! She still lives at home and she's "daddy's little girl". During the shoot, she got VERY wet & horny and she barely squeezes 2 fingers in... As usual, I'm in love! I hope you've got a towel close Join now for more Erin

Nina (dark hair) responded to a local ad and she always wanted to model... she also said I have a friend who may be interested. Since Nina sounded HOT on the phone, I said bring her. When I met Nina and Amanda (blonde hair) I couldn't wait to get them nude! When I saw them in their very, very short skirts with no panties... I knew this was gonna be fun! We went to a hotel and I did the shoot... By the way, Nina is 20, 5'5, 34b-24-36 and Amanda is 19, 5'4, 36b-24-34. These girls are totally cool and they run around the hotel nude and take a steamy shower together! I'd suggest taking your pants off for this one... lol. Join now for more Nina and Amanda

I met Taylor at a local rave and I absolutely fell in love... she's so very sweet and has no attitude! I was completely surprised when she called me the next day and I immediately set up the shoot. She's just 18, 5'2, 105 and a natural 34c. She's got beautiful firm tits and she rarely wears a bra... if I had tits like those I wouldn't Her body is so teen tight and she's got very smooth
tan skin. Without a doubt, she's one of my favorite girla and I'm very lucky she's a part of my site! In the members area, I've got 108 pics of Taylor and I GUARANTEE you'll fall in love with her... see ya there! Join now for more Taylor

Molly is a prime example of a "CollegeCutie"... young, innocent and a freshman at a local college. She's only 18, 5'0, 125 and an AMAZING 34d! We met at fast food restaurant and we went back to her apartment ... my first on site photo-shoot! She thought it was "lingerie modeling" and I told her that's one part but if you want to make money, you need to do more. She gave in and I couldn't believe her NATURAL 34d tits! They are milky white and VERY soft... they also hang! I've got 56 pics of this nervous freshman... she even asked me; "When can I pose again?" Without a doubt, this cutie is coming back! Join now for more Molly

Amber responded to a local ad and we met at her job. She looked very cute and innocent in her little shirt... and I couldn't wait to get her clothes off! She's barely 18, 5'2, 108 and a 34b. she also has really soft pale skin and a very tight teen ass! I've got 60 pics and 9 different video clips of her masturbating! Amber will always be one of my favorite girls:) Have fun! Join now for more Amber

Jasmin found my "modeling business card" at a payphone and she wanted to pose. She sounded very sexy and I couldn't wait to meet her. Currently, she works at a local sub shop and I knew she was desperate for money... I was happy to help her out! She's 19, 5'2, 125 and she says a 34c (looks like a 34b), 26-36. During the photo-shoot, she had a Massive ORGASM on my bed! I've got 50 pics of Jasmin masturbating with her fingers and my 12 inch double dildo! You've got to see her dripping cum... VERY INTENSE! Enjoy! Join now for more Jasmin

Sara is one of my bustiest cuties and she has the "girl next door" type look! She's just 19, 5'4 and a natural 34d. Her soft pale skin, curvy body and seductive look makes you just wanna pull it out and start wanking, lol. Her boobs are a MUST SEE and they are absolutely HUGE!! When she first took off her bra, I had an immediate hard-on... and I wanted to j/o all over her. She even squeezes her Big Tits in a tiny 34b bra! By doing this site, I realize that most girls wear smaller bras to make their tits bigger... they're so insecure! Anyway, she's very sexy and you won't be disappointed! I've got 90 pics of Sara and 10 downloadable videos!! See ya! Join now for more Sara

Gina responded to a local ad & I'm happy she did! When she arrived, I was immediately attracted to her... She's barely 19, 5'3 and her measurements are 36c-25-36. She has a beautiful, natural "girl next door" type look and her pics came out AMAZING! Her breasts are so very tender & her NIPPLES were hard during the entire photo-shoot... half inch FULLY erect!!! She brought several outfits and lingerie... I have 50 Beautiful pics of Gina. Enjoy! Join now for more Gina

Without a doubt, Melinda will ALWAYS be my favorite "CollegeTownCutie"! I met her at a fast food restaurant when she was just 17 and we stayed in touch. She just turned 18 and she wanted to be a "Cutie", so I did the shoot. At first she was nervous, then she got into it... I'm really happy she's a part of my site. She's 5'3, 115 and a natural 36c... you've got to see her VERY NICE teen tits! Have fun with her pics & videos! You can see Grab a towel, she's so cute! Join now for more Melinda

Without a doubt, I think Jordan is one of my hottest girls. I took her down from the site for a few mths then after thinking about it, decided to put her back up. She came in to do some modeling and she got turned on, so she did a masturbation scene. Not only is she on my site, she's on several other sites out there... doing alot more than she's done for me. She's 21, 5'4, 34c and she's got a great fat ass... which I LOVE! She's got that "innocent" look, but don't believe it. She's just like the rest of the girls out there. Have fun with her videos. Join now for more Jordan

It's no secret that I love my job and Nicole is a HoT piece of 18yr old teenage ass... I'm very lucky I've got her! Out of all my girls, she's the only one I've shot that's still in High School... yep, she's a High School Senior and she's about to graduate:) She's only been with 1 guy and she kissed her female friend during a girlie sleepover. She's so very sweet and she's one of my favorite girls. She's just 18, 5'4, 106 and a perky 36b! Without a doubt, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NICOLE. Anyway, I've got 100 pics of this cute teenie! If you've never joined my site, DON'T mess up your chair, keyboard or favorite shit... GRAB SEVERAL TOWELS! Nicole is fuckin HOT! Have fun! Join now for more Nicole

Rebecca was a fun shoot and I wish I fucked her! To this day, I think about She reminds me of a famous singer and she's got natural beauty. When I first met her, I didn't think she'd do so much because she looked so innocent. During the shoot, she told me "I'm horny" and her tight little pussy was soaked:) I LOVE 18 YR OLD GIRLS AND I CAN'T GET ENOUGH... their so much fun! Join now for more Rebecca

Ariana was at the mall filling out a job application at some "girlie store" and I gave her my biz card. She needed spending $$ for gifts and I was happy to help her out:) She 19, spanish and she's got perky 34b tits and a nice FAT ASS! She's very shy and she never used a vibrator before... so I said, let's do that. I've got 8 videos of her in the members area. Have fun with this college cutie:) Join now for more Ariana
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